Friday, January 28, 2011

(Part 1)Trip to see grandma in Napa 2010

         Elliot and Ian  you can never separate them

       He wasn't sure yet if he wanted to get into the water.

                        Elliot age 5 Ian age 2 1/2

                         The water is so warm

                      Having  a great time

             Looking for rocks to throw

            I think he was trying to do push-ups or just some kind of trick..

 This picture was taken right down the street from my mom's house. The deer down there a not scared because the people that live there feed them all the time. So, I was literally about 2 feet away when I got this shot. God is good I mean look at this beautiful creature.
 Daddy could not come with us so this pic was for him. Of course, every pic was for him but we needed a group shot as well.
                                         Just going for a walk
                   Brave Elliot always trying to climb something
 My mother and I were going into town and on the way I saw this beautiful shot on the side of the road and had to take a pic. oh, yes, I forgot to mention going into town takes about 30 to 40 min due to the fact that she lived up a long  hill in the mountains.
Time for bed. I told you that you can never keep these two separate. Ian loves her so much xoxo

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