Friday, January 28, 2011

(Part 2) Trip to see grandma in Napa 2010

 Found some more pic. What a great adventure we all had.
 My mom took us for a little walk and came across her friends house. It was a beautiful day but extremely hot.

 I'm on the front porch of my mom's house and I wanted a funny pic. I wish I could touch the tip top of that tree.
                   It's my hat. :)

 See the deer come real close. Right by the driveway. I will miss that.
              Go put a shirt on Ian and come play.
 This was at a park in Napa. Trees there are so tall.

 It did take a long time though trying to find a park. That town is not so big on parks. We almost gave up but we were determined. The kids need to have some fun.

                On the way home.

Hey, gotta get up there somehow. That will do for now. :)

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